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Thousands of homes in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England have already switched from conventional fuels to take advantage of the substantial financial and environmental benefits associated with using biomass wood pellets.
Biomass Wood Pellets
Solar Thermal Panels
Gvijus offers customers nature- friendly solid fuel being sourced from sustainably grown coniferous woodland as close as possible to the pelleting plant, their 6mm pellets are produced from fully dried and ground virgin wood sawdust and packaged in sturdy 15kg bags on pallets of 975kg each. Their pellets have proven to be very consistant with regard to pellet length and fines (dust) and we have no hesitation in recommending them.
Gvijus Premium Pellets
Okofen Pellet biomass boiler & buffer tank
Balcas uses raw materials that are sourced from local, sustainably managed forests, brites offer a cost effective solution to the unpredictable and increasingly more expensive imported fuels. Using brites also considerably reduces your carbon footprint in comparison to using carbon intensive fossil fuels, so you are helping to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and can feel good about playing your part in helping to combat climate change.
Balcas Brites
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