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We specialise in personal, direct “To your store” delivery. Other pellets suppliers  will deliver your pellets to the kerbside leaving you to move them into your stores. At Dales Woodpellets we undertake to deliver your pellets as close to your storage as our transport will allow. Our operatives will even fill your storage under special circumstances.   We work strive to supply pellets of the highest standard currently available having carefully researched both the pellet quality and the sustainability of the supply.  We also specialise in the installation of domestic biomass systems, as well as large systems for hotels, swimming pools, industrial, commercial, public sector and farming uses. We are also fully accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) enabling you to claim the RHI and the  FiT payments. Phone or Email us to arrange delivery  or for a FREE, no obligation site survey  to confirm whether Biomass Heating is  suitable for your home or business.
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